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Charcuterie Board #1

Charcuterie Board #1

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Introducing our Handmade Solid Walnut Charcuterie Board, a stylish and practical addition to your kitchen and entertaining arsenal. At 1/2" thick and measuring 27" x 7" with a 6" long handle, this exquisite board is perfect for serving up a mouthwatering assortment of cheeses, meats, fruits, and other delightful treats.

Crafted from high-quality solid walnut, our charcuterie board showcases the natural beauty of the wood, elevating your presentation and impressing your guests. It's not just a serving piece; it's a statement piece.

Many customers who have purchased our Solid Walnut Charcuterie Board also opted for our specially formulated Board Butter. This product is designed to maintain the board's shine, preventing the wood from drying out and ensuring it remains as stunning as the day you bought it.

To keep your charcuterie board in tip-top condition, simply follow these easy cleaning steps:

1. Wash with soap and water: Gently clean the surface of the board using a soft sponge or cloth, soap, and water.
2. Immediately towel dry: After washing, promptly dry the board with a clean towel to prevent any excess moisture from seeping into the wood.
3. Store on edge or hanging: To promote proper air circulation and prevent warping, store the board on its edge or hang it up by the handle.

Elevate your entertaining game and wow your guests with our Handmade Solid Walnut Charcuterie Board. Order yours today and don't forget to add our Board Butter to keep it looking fresh and beautiful for years to come!



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